Welcome to the 25th post in our Journey in Dialog. From time to time I will share my personal experiences with dialog. This is one of those times. The following three stories are among my experiences that have reinforced my commitment to dialog.

Concerto for Organ and Manufacturing Sounds

For me, dialog is multi-faceted. It includes many ways to build bridges across gaps and traps. In one of my pastorates, I tried to build a unique kind of bridge.

In my town there was a manufacturing facility that involved a lot of heavy and noisy machinery. With management’s permission, I spent some time at that plant tape recording the sounds of the machinery at work.

After editing my recording to comprise some rhythmic sounds that had a rough musical quality, I asked my minister of music to compose an organ accompaniment to those sounds. We then presented the composition to the congregation as a concerto for organ and manufacturing sounds.

I told those congregants who turned out for the event that this strange sounding “dialog” was like a bridge between what we often differentiate as being either the sacred or the secular. Needless to say, this event stirred up considerable conversation in the community, even some dialog, and for sure some questions about this out-of-the-box pastor.

Dialog Builds Community

In a village in which my family and I lived, I was elected to be the first President of the Homeowners’ Association.

I got many earfuls from the residents. In fact, I had to use all the following dialog skills to sort out the issues of our emerging community.

• We had to share our respective and mutual concerns.
• We had to respect and trust each other as neighbors and appreciate what each of us could contribute to our emerging community.
• We had to hope that we could bond to build something bigger than our individual personal homesteads.

Dialog made that happen. David Bohm would probably have told us that we had to create a collective consciousness in which there would be a shared awakening to the potential of our community.

Dance as Dialog

Even before we were married, my wife Ann let me know that she would like to dance with me. When we went to dances together, it was clear that I was not much of a dancer. However, I really liked to make Ann happy, so I fumbled along as best I could.

Being aware of my awkwardness, she gracefully followed and even graciously led with the rhythm of the music. It was a challenge for both of us, but as a prize for the bliss we experienced together, we helped each other to enjoy those special times.

That is a metaphor for dialog.

A good reason for dialog is that it bonds – relationships become more special and sustainable.

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