Welcome to the 36th and final post in our Journey in Dialog. All 36 of our posts are now accessible on our Blog site. The topic of this post – Why Dialog – is also the topic of posts #12 and #24. This 36th post is a summary of the many benefits of the practice of transformational dialog. We will list the benefits numerically but not in order of importance. Sources have been given in previous posts.

1. In dialog we deal with others less as objects, more as persons.

2. Dialog builds courage to speak and share.

3. It is like a fine net that enables us to gather subtle meanings.

4. It is a way to stretch our levels of consciousness.

5. It surfaces bridges for conflict resolution.

6. Dialog participants are less likely to accept extremist leaders.

7. Dialog is the means by which God’s Spirit opens us to Truth.

8. It is a way to build koinonia, a sense of community.

9. Dialog participants may bring back to their constituent groups their new ways of thinking and relating.

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