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Have you watched the Flash Mobs on YouTube? The musicians do something incredible with their music. In shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, and train stations from all over the world, musicians bring together their ensembles, usually in street clothes, instrument by instrument from different locations up and down escalators. They play popular music like Bolero, Ode to Joy, and the Hallelujah Chorus. Some involve military bands and Irish dancers.

Highly diverse crowds gather to watch and listen. Even if you just watch performances on YouTube, you can’t help but be engaged. The format creates an environment for what Yo-Yo Ma seeks to do with his music, which we highlighted in Post #11.

In the Flash Mobs, the comments of viewers/listeners indicate that something good is stretching them. I have selected comments that represent the kind of dialog music of all kinds can awaken.

This is how to bring music to the people! So cool. I’d never heard Ravel’s “Bolero” with such raw energy and outdoors acoustics and brass from different elevations and vantage points… This brings tears to my eyes… Somewhere in the crowd a young person was just inspired to become a classical musician… I swear, if this doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks to listen, you must be dead inside.

How could you just go about your day while that was being played right in front of you? I smiled throughout. I would send this music representing Earth to distant planets, knowing this is the universal language of mankind…. What a great way to help people relax in a busy public venue. Beautiful music. Beautiful people. Imagine if for even just a moment, every person on earth shows up holding an instrument, and they all begin to play like a giant planetary orchestra. And by doing so, all the sounds and music spread everywhere creating an unseen bond through the hearts and souls and carrying the love and healing that any person wishes upon another person.

I’ve had goose bumps all the way from the start to the end. Put DOWN the cellphones and enjoy the moment! Nice to see this rather than mass shootings. We all need more of this good stuff. Music IS the universal language… This is what we need to experience each day. I love to see how people just smile and enjoy it so much. It is very heart warming.

Dialog offers a unique kind of communion in which there can be a serious exchange of meaning between people, a mental and emotional stretch, and a rewarding sense of joy.

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